Hotel Safety Tips During Your Stay

March 20, 2014 — 2 minute read

While popular hotels may have an excellent reputation and offer attractive amenities, it’s still important to be mindful of your surroundings during your stay. Since you’ll likely be busy and occupied, whether you are staying for business or leisure, it’s important to take steps for added safety. Read on to learn about these recommended precautions:

1. Lock Your Guest Suite Door: Whether you’re entering or leaving your room, make sure your door is closed securely and locked. We recommend checking twice. At times, you may have a lot on your hands when you arrive at your room. Perhaps you have shopping bags in one hand and your dry cleaning in another. Once you enter your room and settle in, make it a habit to check weather your door is locked.

 2. Contact Guest Services to Confirm Room Repairs: While staying in a hotel with direct access to room doors, it’s cautioned not to open your room door to just anyone. Use your door peephole when anyone arrives to your suite. Contact guest services if you have any concerns or hesitations. Another precaution you could take is select a multi-storey hotel, like Mary-am Hotel, where all visitors where visitors must check-in at the front desk before proceeding into the hotel.

3. Use the Room Safe: Make sure that personal items and valuables such as money, jewelry and electronics are secured and not left lying around your room. We advise that you zip and lock your luggage and place it out of site in your room. If you are traveling with a laptop, you can attach it to a locked cable for added security. Alternatively, you may place your electronics and other items in the hotel room safe whenever you leave your room.

4. Report Missing Keys: If you lose or misplace your room key, be sure to notify the front desk to request a replacement. Guest services or the concierge will be happy to deactivate your lost key, change the locks on the door or give you a different room. To ensure your keys are always with you, it’s best to attach them to a keychain that holds your other keys too.

At Mary-am Hotel we consider the safety of our guests as paramount. Enjoy a safe, comfortable and private stay at Mary-am Hotel. Learn more about our North York Hotel online, including hotel features and in-suite features. 

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