Packing Made Easy With Handy Tips

April 16, 2014 — 1 minute read

When it comes to packing up from your hotel stay, you may be too fatigued and worn out to get your belongings together. Between regular excursions and day-to-day affairs, your room can quickly get in disarray. To help with the process of packing it all up, we’ve outlined easy to follow tips:

packing made easy

Roll Clothing: We know it’s tempting to throw your clothing in your suitcase before leaving to speed up the packing process. However, it is beneficial to take the time to properly place your clothing in your suitcase. According to travel experts, rolling your clothing, as opposed to folding them, requires less space and is a good way to stay organized. By rolling clothing, it is less likely your clothes will become wrinkled since there are minimal fold creases.

Categorize Items: Categorizing your items will be a great benefit once you begin unpacking at home. Organizing your items according to different garment types makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it. To help with this, we recommend purchasing transparent bags for your items.

Check Your Guest Room: It’s natural that during your stay, things can get scattered and misplaced around your suite, including valuable and personal items. It’s best to take the time to ensure that you’ve packed up all your belongings. Be sure to check surfaces and discrete areas in your suite room.

Checklist: Similarly, make a checklist of your items and check them off as you place them in your luggage. This checklist will ensure that you to properly keep track of all your belongings and leave with everything you came with.

These tips will ensure your packing is completed in a speedy, efficient and organized fashion. These are also handy tips for any future international travel vacations you embark on with the help of Mary-am Travel. Learn further about Willowdale Hotel online, including hotelamenities and in-suite features.

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